Korean folk painting is a very unique form of art that has existed along the long history of Korea of over several thousands of years. They liked to express the world, nature and humans in a humble way but with humor and satire.  Some of those unique pieces surprisingly remind us of the modern sense of freedom and expressionism that we find in contemporary paintings. Come listen to the ticklish whisper and imagination they passed down on the paper.


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Welcome to KOREAN FOLK PAINTING website. I am a contemporary painter but I always have been interested in 
Korean Folk Painting for its uniqueness and humble style. At a first glance many of you would think these paintings are similar to other oriental paintings from China, Japan, etc, however once you get to know about them and discover the precious pieces passed down now, you will find it is very humorous, down-to-earth, lovely and surprisingly modern. I just could not help giving it a shot to let the world know, and it will also be nice to have them available as merchandise to share the experience. 
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All print merchandise is made either using UV or Giclée pigment printing technique,
‌ and we use only finely crafted Korean paper for the best result.



delicate but durable paper that is used for restoration in museums and galleries 

‌Hanji is very natural paper made of fiber from the mulberry tree. It is not very clear when Koreans started to make ‌it, but there are some historical backgrounds that paper was already used as early as in the 3rd century. In the beginning, Korean paper was similar to Chinese paper, but Korean paper soon developed its unique style and technique of making paper by beating the fiber, whereas Chinese paper is made by grinding. The oldest existing publication from the 8th century shows they already had a very advanced technique in beating method, which means its distinctive method was developed much earlier than 8th century. Hanji is mostly hand crafted. A very fine quality paper can only be made by a master with a government certification whereas the commercial grade paper is made in larger scale shops. Regardless the grades, all Hanji product requires high standard in growing and processing of raw material and crafting into paper. Hanji is now a certified restoration material of heritage. Please find more details in the link below:



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